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CM Fully Featured Solution V2 (2)

A fully featured solution, designed by fleet experts

Whatever your fleet, CameraMatics gives you the tools you need to manage vehicles and drivers in one easy-to-use, intelligent package.

Connected, modular technology combining hardware and software, CameraMatics solutions have all the features and functionality you need. 

CameraMatics is a complete Fleet Risk Management solution. Suitable for all fleets and business vehicles of all sizes and types.

All the Features you need, in one package

Full HD Connected Cameras

Continuous recording from all installed cameras. Choose 1-16

Video on-Demand

Instant cloud-based access to any camera to live-stream footage or review events.

Checklist & Compliance Manager

Paperless Vehicle checking and compliance management. 

Park Mode

The system records even if the vehicle is powered off.

Telematics & GPS Tracking

No need for multiple programs.

Accident Reporting & FNOL

Paperless and in real-time. Driver walkthrough ensures nothing is missed.

Driver Assist & Collision Avoidance

Advanced technology and live in-cab coaching helps avoid collisions and incidents

Event Log

Auto upload footage based on specific events such as Harsh-Braking. Event log for easy review.

ADAS & DMS Technology      

AI-enabled warnings; Forward Collision, Driver Fatigue/Distraction and Distance Control.

CameraMatics Suite

View and manage the entire fleet in one place, in as little as 3 clicks. 


Fully functional Driver and Manager Apps for full access wherever you are

Driver Scorecard

Encourages better driving. Enables you to reward good driving and identify risks.

Wherever you are, we’re with you.

View, manage and protect vehicles and drivers using the CameraMatics Suite, fully functional on desktop, mobile or tablet. Stay constantly connected to your fleet and instantly access all the information you need in as little as three clicks.

CameraMatics is a modular software platform based on HD camera technology, vision systems, AI, Machine Learning, voice alerts, tracking and Telematics, combined with proprietary fleet safety modules.  

The components come together to result in a powerful, intelligent platform giving you full visibility and complete control. 

CM Whenever You Are V1

Transformative Technology for Fleets

We help business vehicle fleets reduce costs, ensure compliance and improve safety. Contact us today for a personalised online demo.